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The Values that we learn & the Attitudes that we develop when we are Young, either propel us through life or hold us back" That's why Student Development Comes First at the Ballerine's we help Our Students build a Strong Foundation of Self Confidence & High Self Esteem. We teach them how to work together in harmony, utilizing a non-competitive environment in order to achieve personal fulfillment and satisfaction. When Show Time..


When you are on stage You are having an affair with three thousand people." Then come the lights shining on you from above. You are a performer...


Dancing is not an exercise but a language of the body. It is a combination of movements and expressions that convey the message to its audience...


Showcase 2010, the hallmark event of Kuwait's premier dance group Ballerine's was presented to a houseful audience on 26th November...


We know how to make your special day extra special. Our services are custom made for every event, from the Music selection to the lighting...

November 04, 2011
The Ballerine's have proved it again at the dance competition held on Friday,4th November 2011 at Indian Integrated School Abbasiya organised by SMJC, Kuwait. Ballerine's was announced the 'BEST DANCE TEAM' where the Ballerine's kittens ... . Read More

BALLERINE'S PERFORMANCE @ KIFF (Kuwait Indian Football Federation)
June 10, 2011
The evening of 10th June 2011 was indeed a memorable one at the Ballerine's. The Ballerine's Performers for the first time ever performed at the Kazma ... . Read More

Ballerine's wins Accolades at Woogie Woogie 2011- Bringing home 7 Trophies
May 6, 2011
Woogie Woogie 2011 the premier dance competition of Kuwait was conducted by Karma entertainment on 6th May 2011. This being the 10th year it was ......... Read More

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The evening of 10th June 2011 was indeed a memorable one
Woogie Woogie 2011
Woogie Woogie 2011 the premier dance competition
Ballerine's Showcase
Showcase 2010, the hallmark event of Kuwait’s premier dance